Yucca Blossoms, Sedona   14x11    Oil

A Sycamore's Grace      18x24     Oil

Twin Beauties     24x18    Oil

Twin Buttes, Sedona    10x8    Oil

Monumental Monsoon     24x36   Oil

Juniper Warrior    18x24   Oil

Tranquil Bliss     30x60     Oil

Unspoiled Beauty, Oak Creek Sedona     24x36     Oil

Enter     36x48     Oil

Steeped in Awe-ness, Sedona     11x14     Oil

Canvas     14x20     Oil

Magical Journey     7x5     Oil

Show Stopper     7x5    Oil

Tints of Morning     6x6    Acrylic

Go With The Flow     14x11   Oil

Eye of the Needle     14x11     Oil

Nature's Palette     11x14     Oil

Patience    11x14     Oil

Touches the Sky     6x6     Acrylic

Ebb and Flow     6x6     Acrylic

Wild and Wonderful, Sedona    20x16   Oil